Wednesday, January 17, 2007

First day first class

I slept in, a bit longer than I wanted (10 AM to get ready for an 11AM class!) I drove to my assigned parking lot, which is actually 3 blocks from my apartment and walked the remaining 5 blocks to class. I will get in shape whether I want to or not by tightening up the butt and conditioning the heart and lungs.

I love this Environmental Science class, and its instructor. This subject is so close to my heart. I am so happy that I will actually get to enjoy it and really study instead of immediately getting in a car and going to a job that morphs my brain in to pudding.

Even though I have been taking classes at this school since fall of 2004, I am just starting to see how different it is since I went there originally. It has become so technical and almost dependant on computers.

For large classes like this one, they now use CPS units, which transmit your answers electronically to the instructor's receiver, thus allowing them to take attendance, record student answers to tests/quizzes, and transport these grades to various computer programs. All of the lectures, additional readings, and grades are available on a website created by the textbooks' publisher. Through this site you can get all of your assignments in advance if you want. It also has the capability for you to make appointments for instructor meetings through online real time chats.

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