Friday, September 28, 2007

Petticoat is in the mail!

I made money last month by selling two pairs of shoes on eBay. So thanks to that deposit of money in my Paypal account I was able to order my red petticoat two days ago.

I was able to buy something without spending any money. See how I do that? Money I don't see and that doesn't show on my bank balance as a negative when I spend it, is FREE MONEY to me.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still need portable water?

An update to my post on bottled water:

Here is a comparison of the reusable water bottles available out there by Slate magazine (found via notmartha).

Reusable water bottles you'll actually want to use.

I'm thinking Platypus. How about you?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maybe, just one more...

The weather is still warm and I don't think the heat is gone for the year so...

I might try one more summer piece. In fact, it's the only project I actually planned for THIS year, all the others were leftovers from years before.

I laid out the fabric today and am straightening the grain right now. It should be a quick sew, at least let us hope so.

I do NOT want to be finishing this next summer!

fabric and tortoise shell buckle, JCaroline Creative.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Sewing fool am I

I have actually been sewing clothes. After a long procrastination period, I am finishing up projects I started long ago.

First, this dress, the "Target" McCall's 5042, is officially done. There were a few fitting problems* but they were my fault since I lost a lot of weight this summer. The cause was probably stress. A new job will hopefully remedy that. And in the meantime, I will be buying a petticoat to puff it up a bit and maybe a belt will help too?

Do you notice the matching wristlet bag? I probably will only wear them together when I'm feeling really kitschy, however, I do have enough fabric for a headband.

I am working on this retro pattern from 1966, McCall's 8251. It just needs to be hemmed. I looked forward to making this pattern thinking it was simple and I could whip out dresses and tops all summer long. However, I'm having fitting problems with this. It just seems so big. The sleeves were way longer than pictured and I had to cut off 2 inches. After easing the sleeves in, they are actually puffy. The boatneck is just too wide. If I have to I will use a broach to pin a pleat at the throat. I promise next time I sew anything where fit is a major part of its design, I will make a muslin. I'm just an impatient sewer.

front back

For a refreshingly quick project, I followed this tutorial I saw on Whipup and made a cute pencil skirt out of a pair of pants that no longer fit my individual thighs. Now it fits perfectly and you would never know it was once a pair of creased pants. I wish I had taken a before shot and I can't find the identical black pair that I thought I still had.

*You can't see how I have no waist because of my ace modeling job.
**See my new shoes above? They're Crocs...yes, Crocs. These are the Alice maryjanes and I love them!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Past job highlights: Meeting Galliano!

I am applying for jobs in event planning again after a break of three years. I was so burnt out I thought I would never do it again, which was a shame since I loved it and was great at it (probably because I loved it). A post on Casapinka reminded me of one of the great experiences I had in that phase of my career. This one was a doozy.

A couple of year ago, when I was in public relations, I worked a big fundraising event in New York for a very worthwhile charity involving women and microfinance. Surprisingly, Vogue magazine contacted us to arrange a table for Anna Wintour and guests! You have no idea how giddy this made me. No one else in the office was as impressed though.

So working at the sign-in table with about 10 young DC women, I was the only person who recognized the designer John Galliano,(!) when he arrived. Now if you have seen him before you know that a lot (well, most) times he looks like a strung-out street junkie. Well, he did not disappoint that night either. He wore a VERY loosely woven macramé vest, calf-length khaki pants and April! In fact, even I would say that combination of his extreme tan, smarmy Dali-like mustache, eyeliner, and his waist-length uncombed hair, gave him the look of a person who probably smelled bad. He, however, was escorted by the incredibly gorgeous and classy Anh Duong.

I have a magazine spread on her from 10 years ago in one of my fashion scrapbooks and she looked exactly the same!

At sign-in, I had almost missed them. I arrived just in time to see some of the girls look around as if they had no idea what to do next. They could not find his seat arrangements. (I've always had the feeling that they were not even trying, instead thinking he was a gatecrasher because of his appearance.) That's when I came to the rescue. Seriously.

I walked up to table, found their packets immediately, welcomed them, handed them their materials, and wished them a great evening, all without ever consulting the guest list or asking "the girls" what the problem was. The "girls" probably hated me but they were making the company look bad. I could tell from the look on his face that he thought they were idiots. I don't remember getting a thank you from either guest, but that doesn't matter. I still say I met J. Galliano and Anh Duong and that I made part of their evening better.

I sure showed up those DC chicks who had been trying to change my sign-in system from the minute they got there. I guess I showed them that it wasn't the system's problem, didn't I?

Of course, I spent the rest of the evening explaining to all the organization higher-ups who Galliano was too. If only I could have instructed everyone working the event to stop making that face when looking at him. I was probably the only person who treated him with respect the whole night, and that event was supposed to be a benefit. He probably did not give a dime. Would you blame him?*

*Actually I would, but it wouldn't make as good of a story.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Handmade photo journal tutorial

I subscribe to Photojojo, a site that finds "the very best photo tips, DIY projects and gear". They come up with cool projects you can make with your photos or direct you to cool photo manipulation software out there on the Web.

Today I received an email about making personal photo journals. As soon as I saw the picture I recognized these journals as coming from five and a half. The owner/artist Judy Lee has produced an easy tutorial showing how to make these on Photojojo. You can view the video here.

five and a half maintains a blog along with their online store.

What I'm looking at today...

Vera Wang's new collection at Kohl's. It's really impressive, clothing, shoes, lingerie, and bedding. My only question is why so dark, Vera? The color palette shown on the website seems to be only black, white, gray, brown. Though if you check individual pieces there are some livelier color choices like purple, teal blue, and pink.

Emily's easy recipe for Rosemary and Olive Oil bread. Check out that close up of the crumbly, buttery-looking crust. Yum!

Inside the Paley Center panel discussions. Unscripted discussions from casts of some of the best shows on television at The Paley Center of Media, FKA the Museum of Television and Radio. Excerpts are from shows such as Lost, 30 Rock, Brothers & Sisters, House, and Grey's Anatomy, etc.

I'm inspired by this decor8 post. I like the lamp shades decorated with what looks like children's art. I know one little artist (The Julia*) that could decorate her new baby sister's nursery in a really cool way (or maybe I'll just get a lampshade for me!) Ha! When I saw her drawings I was originally thinking possible pillows but now...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Alabama Chanin

I recently discovered artist Natalie Chanin in a Domino magazine profile. Her lifestyle-focused company, Alabama Chanin, creates limited-edition artisan created clothing, home furnishings, and jewelry from new, organic, and recycled materials. Natalie still resides in her small hometown of Florence, AL and all of her company's creation and manufacturing is done with local artists in Florence. Such an enterprise is sustainable for the local economy and very admirable.

Since her items are artisan-produced, the prices are understandably pricey. However, Ms. Chanin offers instructions for some projects, such as these appliqué t-shirt designs, on her website.

The sections on her website for Tips and Treats supply you with a list of books that have inspired her work and recipes that have been enjoyed by her family and friends.

Natalie is also publishing a home sewing book, Alabama Stitch Book, due next spring.

Bonus: Her earlier venture, Project Alabama's Spring 2006 clothing line!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Big Brother is watching you now...

Okay, I couldn't take it anymore.

Since no one wants to comment on this blog I had to put a Sitemeter counter down at the bottom. This way I can at least see that someone (besides me!) is reading this thing.

Well, I HOPE that is what I will find out.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Traveling Girl - I Had No Idea!

Due to personal vacations and past work assignments I have visited 22 states in the U.S. or 43% of the country. I would never have guessed that many. Wow!

It's quite obvious that meeting and seminar attendees prefer going somewhere warm because the North has pretty much been ignored. Let's see what I can do with those states in the next phase of my career.

Create your own visited states map.

Monday, September 03, 2007

What I'm doing on Labor Day:

  • Hemming this dress finally!!!

  • Easing in the sleeve for this vintage top.
  • Reading chapters 1 & 2 of my historic preservation textbook. I have a writing assignment due Wednesday night.
  • Watching the first season of Ricky Gervais' Extras. (YAY! Netflix!)