Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What I'm looking at today...

Vera Wang's new collection at Kohl's. It's really impressive, clothing, shoes, lingerie, and bedding. My only question is why so dark, Vera? The color palette shown on the website seems to be only black, white, gray, brown. Though if you check individual pieces there are some livelier color choices like purple, teal blue, and pink.

Emily's easy recipe for Rosemary and Olive Oil bread. Check out that close up of the crumbly, buttery-looking crust. Yum!

Inside the Paley Center panel discussions. Unscripted discussions from casts of some of the best shows on television at The Paley Center of Media, FKA the Museum of Television and Radio. Excerpts are from shows such as Lost, 30 Rock, Brothers & Sisters, House, and Grey's Anatomy, etc.

I'm inspired by this decor8 post. I like the lamp shades decorated with what looks like children's art. I know one little artist (The Julia*) that could decorate her new baby sister's nursery in a really cool way (or maybe I'll just get a lampshade for me!) Ha! When I saw her drawings I was originally thinking possible pillows but now...

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