Friday, May 11, 2007

French speaking mail! Oh la la...

Yesterday I received my French decor magazines from Switzerland. Thank you Jany!

As you can see I now have copies of Cdeco, Maison Magazine, and the always lovely Marie Claire Idees.

*(look closely at the picture)

There are so many beautiful things in these magazines. Cdeco is a full-on D.I.Y. magazine with loads of projects that I can't wait to learn about.

However, there is the small problem of language. I did study French for 5 years in high school and college, however, my memory is bad and I have a problem with laziness. Reading these will take some time because every sixth word will have me running to an online French-to-English dictionary!

Do you see it in the picture? Jany also sent me a bar of Lindt Excellence Chili, extra fine dark chocolate flavored with red chili peppers. She says it tastes wonderful with a glass of red wine, Bordeaux or Merlot. I'm not so sure about the heat factor. I think I will have a glass of milk nearby, just in case. (By the way, have you had their truffles? Y. U. M.)

Chocolate from Switzerland. Where else would you want it to come from? Yea!!!

All pages translated with Google Language Tools.

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