Wednesday, August 06, 2008

First Day Out

I wore the petticoat with the Target dress today. Luckily, it's just short enough for this dress too. Well, the tulle and net layers got caught up on each other so I kept having to smooth out the layers. Also, when I walked the net gathered up between my legs, luckily the material is very fine and not that scratchy.

I wonder if adding a layer of fabric on the bottom between my legs and the tulle would help? Maybe adding more tulle layers would help too, as it might weigh everything down?

I still would like to add more layers just for more "poof" factor and perhaps adding a ruffled band all around the bottom would add some needed width. But first I need to make sure that the layers don't keep getting hung up on one another. Reaching up under your skirt to pull down your petticoat is not very ladylike.

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