Monday, January 12, 2009

How I Want To Dress:

A.P.C. Jacket, You Must Create Top, Whyred Jeans, Isabel Marant Boots

You Must Create Gingham Placket Shirt

Can you see how cool that shirt is? It's not a button-down, it's not even a Henley. It is actually a collared pullover shirt with a deep fold in the center which is then buttoned to fit, creating a deep pleat in the bottom half. So, now, how cool is that?

Isabel Marant Scarf, A.P.C. Cardigan, Top, and Boots, Junya Wantanabe Skirt

Yes, it is the same outfit in both of those pictures. I love that convertible skirt. I want one. How do you think they did that?

These designers and clothes like these are available online at Impulse boutique in Seattle and online at Totokaelo (TOH-toh-KYE-oh). They have a great eye for clothing and I am now a fan of most of the designers they feature. There are a lot of more innovative and intricately interesting outfits on their site but right now I just want to feel comfortable in my skin and in my clothes, kind of nurture myself for a while and not bring a lot of attention to myself. These things would be just right. There is a smooth casual air to these clothes, a "there's nothing to stress about" vibe. They make me feel like I want to curl up in an armchair, drinking tea and reading a book, with my legs hanging over the arm. Maybe, in front of a fire? Oh, yeah. Good times.

In fact, I used to dress like this in college, though my comfy oversize cardigans and v-neck sweaters were mostly poly-cotton (or "pure" poly) and in male sizes from the local thrift store. My oversize collared shirts were awesome never-worn brushed
gabardine men's shirts that felt like "buttah." I have no idea why they don't make those anymore. Men would love dress shirts again if they felt like those, I guarantee. I also wore men's blazers over everything; one was a great green and brown sharkskin that I wish I had kept a swatch of when it finally bit the dust.
Along with the designers above, please also check out:

Rachel Comey
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Antoinette said...

That top one is an interesting shirt. In the photo it looks like the pleat is a center pleat, but the product photos show the pleat opening to the left. I bet that wouldn't be too hard to reconstruct from a men's shirt, Lisa....... :)

Antoinette said...

Re: the convertible skirt... Looks like a it is a column of fabric with two waistbands. Worn long, this looks like an elongated tulip, and worn short (both waistbands at the waist), it's a bubble skirt. Must be a whisper-thin jersey knit.