Monday, September 21, 2009

Simple To Make...

and easy to love!!

Simplicity's 1950s collection of Simple To Make patterns always seem to intrigue me. Here are a few that just came available last week on one of my favorite pattern vendors, Lanetz Living. They have a whole group of them, in number sequence to boot.

All of the below are available now.

Simplicity 2442

This 1950s dress strangely has an early 1918-1925 vibe with the lowered waist belt and slim silhouette

Simplicity 2444

I already own this pattern and made a favorite red & white polka dress from it. I think it might be time to make another one to replace that old faithful.

Simplicity 2445

I'm really tempted to buy this one and make that jacket to go with the Simplicity 2444 dress.

Simplicity 2446

I love the little sleeveless red vest with the surprise candy-stripe lining!

Simplicity 2447

What a great dress for embellishments (Ric Rac!), though I prefer the stand-up collar to the other one.

And well, this next one isn't part of the sequence but it came out around the same time and I love it! All these years that I've owned 2444 above, I thought that particular dress was called the Answer Dress because of the pattern envelope. Now I guess that it was a collection all its own. So, here's another Answer Dress and I know that my answer is yes!

Simplicity 2427

Is not that sash the best? And look there's an overskirt too! I love the bateau neckline with the symmetrical tucks. I'm not a big fan of pink but if someone gave me this identical dress I would wear and love it.


Sewfast said...

Great patterns! I love the answer dresses too...guess there are just more patterns to covet!!! sigh! :)

CyberGirly said...

LOVE the pink flowery one with the bateau neckline - I think that would really suit me! Must find....