Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oops, I Did It Again

I took apart another just-finished project. What is it with me not being happy with the things I make lately (except for the slips)? Huh?

This lovely top. I should have known when I wrote (more than once) in the review that it was too big that I would have a real problem with that. I have now taken the seams apart and recut it a size smaller. I also tightened up the sleeve elastic. Hopefully, I'll get the motivation to sew it back together even though the temperature here has dropped dramatically. It is now FALL and a scoop neck and three-quarter sleeves are just not cutting it.

I also need to finish that aggravating stretch velour dress even though I have no use for it personally and it will not fit the only pregnant woman that I know.

Sorry for the complain-y attitude.


Kyle said...

It is worth the effort of taking it apart and putting it together again if the sizing will be correct. And when it's warm enough to wear such items of clothing again, you will be happy that you "did it again".

Antoinette said...

Girl, you got that song in my head! LOL I bet you will feel great wearing that over skinny jeans, with a cropped jacket over it. But what do I know about fall being here, or about cold? Very little, in the end. :)