Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the Details: Vintage Men's Shirts Pt 2

Yes, here are more shirt pattern goodies. These are from the more experimental 1960-70s.

McCall's 7590

Here are some shirt/jacket hybrids of the 1960s. This one is so cool you can smoke a pipe in in! Note the jacket-like waist band and the side pleat detail on the back. I had a white cotton jacket in the 1980s (McCall's 9637 - very Miami Vice!) that had that same detail.

Butterick 2956

Very Route 66, right? This is the sort of shirt/jacket that I can see made in a cotton/poly blend that would be rain repellant, don't you? The one in the top right has a sporty detail of outside patch pockets placed directly at the hemline. I think I have a soft spot for that hip navy blue and green madras version.

Simplicity 7711

Well, well...father and son pullover shirts. I prefer to just ignore the ones with the lacing, ok? I'm pretty sure those were made with some sort of chamois cloth or Ultrasuede. Instead check out the use of altering the fabric's direction to add interest via horizontal/vertical and straight grain/bias. Also note again, the hemline placement of the pockets.

Simplicity 7145

This is the hipster's version of sporty casual wear, flat front creased slim pants and another version of the pullover, this time without a separate front yoke. Once, twice...three times a lady, there are those low sporty pockets again! I could really dig men wearing these pants again, especially worn with those short leather Beatle boots.

Simplicity 8006

Ooh, this one practically screams Bill Bixby and The Courtship of Eddie's Father* to me! Lovely Nehru jacket design can go as out-there as you want it to go depending on your fabric choices. It strangely is also the first mens pattern I've seen without pockets as an option.

Butterick 5897

Look closely! I had to include this fairly conventional shirt because it actually features princess seams! I suppose they are included to ensure a slim fit on the front; however, they are abandoned on the back of the shirt. You can't ignore View E's super long lapels, now can you?

Images: Out of the Ashes and Stitches & Loops patterns

* Yes, I was a fan in reruns, since the show came out the year I was born.

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mjb said...

From what I've heard, I think my grandma made that lace up shirt for my dad in high school - potentially out of a floral calico. My mom thankfully saw past that unfortunate style occurrence.