Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What I'm Up To Now

Sorry, I don't have time to write any meaty posts (it's the last two weeks of the semester and I have two papers and two exams to do) so instead you're going to get a list of what I'm currently doing and what I'm gearing up to do.

  • Received some vintage patterns from a friend's late mothers' stash and they are almost my size. They include 1950s Simplicity, Advance, and several mail order patterns still factory folded and in their mailers (Marian Martin, Anne Adams, etc.) Of course, I'll do some posts on them after I get the rest of them scanned. The ones above are my favorites. Here's another that I received, Simplicity 4697, and I've seen it being sold for $30 and up.

  • Bought supplies to make some necklaces similar to the Kristina Klarin ones that I wrote about. I now have wooden beads and blocks and just need to paint them. Hopefully I can come up with luscious color formulas and combinations like she did.

  • Working on another tester dress pattern that I'm really looking forward to wearing before it gets too hot. The fabric is so nice but it is more suitable to a mild spring or mid-fall. I already pictured how I'm going to style it and that will involve a lavender enameled flower brooch. So, now I have to find that brooch because it only exists in my imagination right now. If you have any ideas, let me know, ok?

  • Writing more fashion history posts for the Colette Patterns blog (soon to be re-launched as The Coletterie). I am currently researching 1960s style and miniskirts!

  • I now have a good collection of projects already matched with fabric for at least five articles of clothing to make over this summer...hopefully to be worn this summer. I better get on it!

  • Oh, and taking a summer semester class on Richmond Architecture, but luckily, I have a few weeks rest before it starts.


the fabled needle (jen) said...

what about this?

lsaspacey said...

Ooh, thanks! I haven't even had time to start a search and some of those are very close to what I'm looking for too!