Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's Going On In My Sewing Room

I have three of my Fall Palette Challenge pieces completed!

1) Simplicity 2406, 2) Vogue 2883, 3) Butterick 5429
Unfortunately, gray days have now arrived in Richmond so all the pictures I took of Butterick 5429 are too grainy to publish. I am really happy with how this top came out. I made a major alteration to the pattern that improved the overall fit.

I am still working on item 4, which has multiple issues. Too long bodice, too big in the waist, and too much excess fabric in the upper back. Maybe it's time for Fit For Real People to help me out? I'll have to check the libraries in town for a copy.

So, as a break from that I am starting on a muslin for item 5, the Vogue 7714 long coat. Finally, right? I have read the few reviews that exist on Pattern Review and am ready to go. It's really a easy sew but the fit is tantamount before cutting into that moleskin.

I have updated my Fall Palette Challenge board. I've moved that Swiss dot top to spring/summer 2012 and included more pants for winter. I have purchased Colette Pattern's new Clover pant pattern and thanks to a $1.99 sale on stretch poplin at Fabric Mart (and four sales from my Etsy shop!) I now have enough fabric for two pairs in dark chocolate and claret, a rich red color.

Click image to see larger
So three out of the nine are done. Not bad at all.


the fabled needle (jen) said...

wow, you are productive! looking forward to seeing that top and finding out how the clover pattern goes. (pants are intimidating!)

i have a pattern that is identical to mccall's 5042 except that it's butterick b4443; there is a version with cap sleeves and the zipper is in the back (which annoys me, i'd move it to the side). i'm making it in a grayish brown linen.

AngelatheCreativeDiva said...

I'm loving your palette. I made that Butterick top in a woven but I have a feeling it may be better in a knit. Can't wait to see yours.

lsaspacey said...

I'm pretty surprised myself how I've been whipping them out! I never really looked at that B4443pattern because I had the other one but that view is really nice. Can't wait to see your version.

ATG said...

I love the cut in those dresses you're going to make. I would think they would be very flattering.