Friday, April 06, 2012

Mapping the Crazy C-curve

Okay, I made my first attempt at mapping my c-curve with my new flexible ruler. At the end of my first attempt I was looking at a amoeba-like oval shape. In fact, once I placed it on paper I couldn't remember which side was front or back. Now, if you've seen pictures of me, you would have noticed that there is a definite difference between the front and back of my body, one is fairly flat while the other is...not. This this ruler seems to me to be a bit TOO flexible for my needs. Perhaps I shouldn't have bought the cheapest I could find? However, the company is known for their drafting tools.

Of course, I will try again.

The first pair of pants I will be making are ones I've made years ago, Vogue 9745 from their 1980-90 Vogue Elements collection (I love these patterns!). They look very similar to the pants in this photo, Vogue 8751, but with a shorter waistband. This is how I want them to fit.

What I hope to do is transfer my soon-to-be-found personal c-curve to the pants and make them up with a one-inch seam allowance. I will construct them from the inside out so I can pin and adjust the fit of the sides after I adjust that c-curve section. Well, that's the plan. So, let's see what I get done this weekend.

Image: The McCall Pattern Company


jen said...

this is why i haven't made pants! so bravo to you for trying. :) those pants are really cool by the way.

Maureen Cunningham said...

As I recall, the trick to using the flexible ruler was colored elastic bands to mark the crotch poin, front and back.

BeckyMc said...

When you get the flexible ruler shaped to your shape, getting it off without changing the shape is a little tricky. So when you get it shaped, slide it over your hip (it goes from vertical over your belly and butt to horizontal across your upper thigh) and then slide it down your leg to step out of it. This way it keeps the shape you need for your personal c-curve.

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