Friday, May 17, 2013

In The Details: Doll Clothes, Can You Believe It?

Okay, I have never purchased a pattern for a fashion doll but if I had been aware of these when I was growing up I might have been tempted. So stylish and so on-the-money. If they had been made for human women they would have been best sellers, for sure.


Vogue 7554 and Vogue 729

Which pattern looks more interesting, stylish, and classy?

Guess what? They are the same pattern. Now I know it's for doll clothes and V729 does show you what the outfits will really look like. However, V7554 is more cool and aspirational by using illustration. My choice would have been easy! What's really impressive is that the finished outfits actually look pretty good for miniature sewing. The black and white jumpsuit just needed a more flowing fabric, right?


Did anyone out there have these? Please let me know how they worked, especially that lingerie one. Can you even imagine making something that detailed and that small? I can see some real pulling-out-your-hair- frustration while constructing that itsy-bitsy garter belt!

If you notice, even Vogue has never produced a lingerie pattern for humans that elaborate since I've been checking them out, let alone one for dolls.

Images from Patterns of History

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jelly andrews said...

I really want to see these designs on real dolls. These are really gorgeous. And I wonder how it would look on dolls.