Saturday, February 15, 2014

2.15.2014 - Sewing Update

Here is what is going on in my sewing life:

Mini-clutch mockup

  • Currently working on the Hot Patterns/ Crepe Suzette Clutch pattern (whew! what a name!) Because of errors in the instructions I chose to make a quarter-scale mock up of it first and will work on the real thing today.
  • Today, I am cutting out a muslin of New Look 6145, the shift dress from last post, in a similar silky and shifty polyester to test out the basic pattern before I start adapting it.
Simplicity 5289 from 1972.

  • This past week, I tried on my quick muslin of Simplicity 5289 that I had put together before I moved. I found the armhole to hang too low on the raglan sleeve and am looking in my books and on the web to find a solution. I believe it has something to do with changing the armhole curve in order to reduce length but I would love to see that in writing. Any sources you can direct me to?

  • Once these other projects are done, I will be moving directly onto the Built By Wendy Sew U jeans pattern, bypassing the Colette Clovers*. Instead of mucking around with the paper pattern first, I'm using one of the fabrics I bought for the Clovers, a Fabric Mart stretch poplin, to make a quick and dirty mockup without any alterations. I will be following along with SallieOh's posts on her version of this pattern for inspiration.
*The muslin was problematic and not worth the trouble.


Linda T said...

Looking forward to your jeans journey.

Summer Flies said...

I had a problem with raglan sleeves recently and I had a comment with a link to this seems to have helped (although I haven't had time to finish it yet). Hope this helps you.