Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Future Goal: Repair Wardrobe Disconnect

I used to keep an actual scrapbook of fashion clippings that I pasted the looks I liked. Of course, I now have Pintrest and Flickr to record my favorites.

Scrapbook images from the Tweeds catalog.

The funny thing is how the items and looks have stayed consistent over the many years even though the items still don't currently exist in my wardrobe. I don't know when I will be sewing again, but my future plans include creating the life where the wardrobe I have always wanted will exist. Believe me, when I reveal the wardrobe you won't be shocked, in fact, you'll probably wonder why I haven't put it together before now. You're not the only one wondering that... Perhaps I didn't think I deserved it yet?! Yes, yes, I DO have issues...

Striped knit tee shirts, crew, boat, and v-necks
Same type shirts put in silkier matte fabrics for dressier occasions
Similar shaped fine-gauge sweaters
Slim flat-front ankle-length pants
Carrot topped pants with fullness at top from gathers or pleats that taper to the ankle.
Long-sleeved shift dresses
Fit and flare dresses, with darted bodices and full skirts
Full skirts in above- and below-knee lengths
Collarless duster jackets and cardigans
Simple beautiful pieces incorporating drapery and unique twists

So when I get back to sewing this is hopefully what you will be seeing. Luckily, the projects currently in my sewing queue fit in this group and I have already taken a step in that direction. My eldest sister gifted me some holiday money and I just happened to check out the Mood Fabrics website and bought myself some striped ponte knit goodies for that top entry on this list in jade and brown and in mustard and jade!

Does anyone know where I can get a wide striped red and white knit like that second example? I can't find any that are not see-through.


Gail said...

OMG - Tweeds!! That IS old! When I was teaching, I used to buy all my clothes from Tweeds. Loved that brand!

AngelatheCreativeDiva said...

I can relate. I was going through my scrap books/collage boards and realized that not much about I like has changed over the years. My style has been fairly consistent despite current trends. They are ideas/styles that caught my eye ten years ago that I still want to sew.

Mugsy's in Stitches said...

I feel the same way. I've always leaned a little towards a "Goth" esthetic, and I've found myself recently going back over my file folder of "Looks" and still liking the general style I liked back then today. Certainly nothing extreme in the Goth fashion world - after all, I will be 44 this year and don't want to look like a "sheep in lamb's clothing"! *LOL*
Enjoy your many projects, and god luck with the material hunt. I'm in Canada, but I can keep my eyes open for you if you like...

Toni Campbell said...

I still have a book that I put cut out images in. Even with the advent of Pinterest I still have a magazine addiction. It's fun to looks through the book at the wardrobe that I think I should have and I hope to tackle some projects based on it soon.