Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Look Ma, I'm In Vogue Magazine!

The Vogue Patterns catalog, that is!

See this pattern here?
Vogue 9106

Look a little closer...

That's my line credit for having lent McCall Patterns my copy of vintage Vogue S-4305 now reissued as Vogue 9106. They thanked me with this mention and five patterns of my choosing. See this earlier post for details.


The reissued pattern was released with the recent Spring patterns. I am so excited as it's now possible for me to make this dress for myself as my copy was not in my current size. I have been in love with the pattern illustration for years now. However, seeing the versions made up, the magic is a bit diluted, the prints chosen hide the most important details; the sections of gathers under the bust and on the skirts sides. I'm also confused about the type of net crinoline they used with the dresses. I feel they went too stiff or too big when I always imagined the skirt falling a bit more organically.

I also noticed that on the models, the gathers were not properly below the bosom but directly on them and the waist was a bit high. I'll have to check and perhaps add length in the torso for my version.

Invisible above, right?

Now about those five free patterns. You will not believe how stressful it was making those choices. There were only two givens and then there were about 6-7 others jockeying for the other three spots. I ended up with two dress patterns in shapes I don't already have (Vogue 8665) or could not have drafted on my own (Vogue 1234 from Sandra Betzina.)

Then I chose two made-for-knits top patterns (loving me some knits right now!), one with interesting raw edge seam finishes, Vogue 8925...

http://voguepatterns.mccall.com/v8925-products-47552.php?page_id=866&search_control=display&list=search  http://voguepatterns.mccall.com/v8952-products-47832.php?page_id=866&search_control=display&list=search

and another that is a substitution for one that I really wanted that had the same type of seam finishes. Strangely, the current Vogue 8952 is almost identical to an earlier Vogue release from alice + olivia, Vogue 1261. The designer pattern went out of print before I could buy it. During this selection process, I happened to notice that the tops were the same shapes and styles (the cowl neck, both raglan and dolman sleeves), the only difference being the absence of raw edged seams on the designer versions. However, I plan to apply the similar finishes from Vogue 8925 to the non-designer pattern versions.


My last selection was another given, Vogue 1411, the unique Sandra Betzina knit pants pattern that I want to make immediately in multiple colors. Check out that crazy seaming!

Vogue 1411
So, now, all I have to do is wait patiently. It's already been six months so what's a few more weeks?

Just another reminder, if you have any amazing vintage Vogue, Butterick or McCall's pattern (especially from when they were just called McCall) please consider lending them so that reproductions can be made. All you have to do is email images of those patterns to the McCall Pattern Company in care of leslies@mccallpattern.com If your pattern is selected, they will then contact you about sending the paper pattern to their offices. I thank you in advance!


karen said...

I was so happy to see that vintage pattern pop up. It's unique and beautiful. I plan on buying it. Thanks for your contribution!

Gail said...

Wow, that's really neat! I sort of knew they borrowed patterns from people to reissue, but didn't realize you could just sent them pictures! So cool to have your pattern reprinted!

Nursebennett said...

How cool is that? I knew none of this information, so I am very glad to read this. I'm not a vintage collector, but I do happen to have some (long story), and will give them another look through with your suggestion in mind. Enjoy your new patterns!

Audrey said...

How wonderful! It is such a pretty, feminine dress. I predict it will be popular with sewer who sew vintage styles. Thanks for sharing. I have some vintage Vogue patterns I thought about sending in. Did you get the original pattern back?.

lsaspacey said...

Yes! Funny, just got it today with my other 5 patterns! Looks exactly the way it did when I sent it in (slightly crispy and fragile) but no worse.

Mugsy's in Stitches said...

So, now that you're famous it's nice to see you're still blogging... *LOL* Just joshing, the pattern looks great, and I'm super-happy they picked yours as one of the re-issues! :)