Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I'll Miss Having A Choice, Hancock Fabrics!

A few week ago, I visited another retailer going out of business, Hancock Fabrics. I'll truly miss this store. Though fairly similar to Jo-Ann Fabrics the quality and variety of their fabrics had been steadily improving and I found myself finding more interesting options there as Jo-Ann became more and more focused on their Prom/Cosplay and craft supply departments. Also most of the good Jo-Ann fabric, like the recent Nicole Miller collection, doesn't seem to make it to my local stores and is only available on the website.

However, Hancock's sale came at a great time for me because I'd been tasked by my Dad to cover our "coffee table," actually an unusually large hexagonal ottoman with a radius of 62 inches. It is currently covered in a scorched coppery brown vinyl. The goal was to construct a removable fitted cover and the sales were so good on upholstery and drapery fabric that I bought enough for two covers plus some extra for coordinating couch pillows. The first cover will be in a chartreuse green vinyl, originally priced at $29.99 per yard which at 90% off became $3; therefore, I bought three yards for only $9! The fabric for the second cover is a gorgeous muted green textile that was 70% off of $9.00. So for only $2.70 per yard I bought four yards of fabric for a total of only $11!

In addition, as a bonus, my Dad let me throw in a bolt of winter white ponteroma knit also severely discounted at 80% off. I got a bolt with 3 3/4 yards remaining on it for $3 a yard and I am envisioning some white tops for the fall. I don't have enough white tops to coordinate with my skirts and pants especially since some colors didn't quite work with the mass of striped knits that I made. I just wish I'd made to the store a week or so earlier to pick up some black or brown ponte but I'm sure those were the first to go. Half the store's fixtures were empty and for sale!

While there I also scooped up some patterns, now that they were finally on sale too. I picked up McCall's 7381, New Look 6244, Butterick 6221, Butterick 6178, and Butterick 6031. Amazingly, Butterick 6360 was also included. This is the first swimsuit pattern I have ever bought! Who knows when it will be made though because I have no need of one at the moment. But I couldn't pass it up (just a $1!) because it's similar to the Closet Case Bombshell and I feel more comfortable with Big 4 instructions.

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