Wednesday, October 25, 2017

In the Details: Put Your Collar to Work

You say you want to accessorize more, but don't know how? You want to start wearing scarves but don't know what to do with them? Well, these clever vintage patterns made it so easy. The options were already built in. I find so much inspiration in vintage patterns. Perhaps you could apply some of these details or ideas to your current makes?

Simplicity 8462

This one includes a buttoned loop to secure the scarf and eliminates the worry about losing it in the wind. What it would look like empty though, I do not know. Also, doesn't blond flip girl look like she's wearing a wig?

Patt-o-Rama 1398

The purpose of this collar is even more obvious by incorporating an asymmetrical strap to secure a contrasting scarf. Because of the top-stitching detail this one could even work without the scarf. If you look real close you can see that Dacron polyester was a suggested fabric. Um, no.

McCall's 6521

This is an elegant suit and I love how the coordinating scarf is self-wrangled by possessing a buttonhole meant to accommodate the button on the jacket. There would be no need for constant adjustments.

Vogue 5486

I would LOVE a reissue of this one, that draped and twisted collar is so unique. The option of color-blocking adds an additional unexpected design detail. The wide scooped neckline of view C also offers a looser interpretation of the ubiquitous bow-tied blouse.

Simplicity 5679

Here is a neck-tie influenced detail that adds functionality to the design by making a tie catcher part of the dress.

Pictorial Review 8983
This last one is amazing! I love the versatility of the attached scarf drape. Both dresses are the same design, the only differences are in the color of the scarves and where they were positioned; one arranged as a front detail and the other as a dramatic cape-like detail. Fancy!


allie J. said...

You're right about that draped/twisted top--it definitely needs a reissue!

Sue said...

Vogue 5486 is fascinating! I need to find a copy.