Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Whip lash, it's whip lash, I tell ya...

My car was hit by an idiot who wasn'’t watching where they were going. I now have what I call a divot over my back left taillight. It is about 2 inches wide and maybe a half inch deep.
I feel so stupid because...the idiot was me.
I was backing up into a space in our parking deck at work. (I always back into spaces since I took a self-defense class years ago. It makes for a fast getaway if someone follows you to your car.) Well the designers of this particular parking deck don't know anything about female safety because they designed the deck specifically for pulling INto spaces. Every two spots or so they have columns. I hit one of these columns. These columns do not go all the way down but stop some 2 1/2 feet above the pavement and end just like that with sharp edges. After the fact, I see that if you did pull in the height is perfect for not contacting the nose of your car whether compact, SUV, or Big A-- Truck. However, if you back into them, they are perfect for not only denting your car; but if you hit it just so; one of it corners will try to playpuzzle pieces” with your car'’s back and lock in.

My ca
r is only worth about $1,700 Blue Book. Is it really worth it to have the divot punched out and painted or just have it deducted in the future sale or trade-in? I don'’t know, I don'’t know. But to go more that 10 years with this car and to never have an accident with another vehicle, have a tree land on it, extreme hail damage, cracked windshield, or air bag deployment, I SO hate that this was entirely my fault.

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