Friday, April 27, 2007

Be very patient, it does gets better...

It's the end of a semester and it's getting to me again. There is so much in my head that I actually can't think clearly without concentrating really hard.

I finished one Art Aesthetics paper and now have to start a longer one due May 9. I have a major Environmental Science exam and an African Art essay exam so I need to study. However, I can't keep my mind on just those tasks. I find myself dealing with guilt over missed family events, fear that I won't be able to get a job this summer, disbelief over finding out my individual health insurance payments will be even higher than the COBRA payments I've already been making, and anger about why more of the classes I need to graduate are not being offered this summer and fall?

Even on the "fun" side, the projects that I thought I was so close to completing are still cluttering up my living room and 12 planks of birch are still stacked in the trunk of my car. The only things I did accomplish was put together my IKEA desk and move the computer back in there just in time to finish that Art Aesthetics paper. Woo!

Wow, this post is really a bummer, isn't it?

Well, that stops now!!!

Yesterday I went on the Internet to catch up on a missed episode of Lost when I decided instead to check out NBC's 30 Rock. I had a really good feeling when Tina Fey left SNL that her show would be funny, but I never made the effort to find out when it was on (the fact that they kept moving it around didn't help either). So yesterday, I decided to watch an episode online and afterwards had an overwhelming desire to make popcorn, crawl into bed, and watch every single one, especially the recent ones with her character's new romance with "flowers guy". It's so cute!

I kept laughing out loud and I couldn't stop. If you haven't had a real laugh in a long time you need to start watching this show. Don't let SCARY Alec Baldwin scare you off (have you heard THAT thing?) just watch this show. Also, from what I've seen of Tracy Morgan on talk shows, don't let him get to you either. Just think sweet, pretty Tina Fey, the woman who "makes smart sexy."

I swear, you'll love it.

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