Sunday, April 08, 2007

I love you dad!

Well, my father came to visit and help me finish my many unfinished projects. If you read my other blog, SHELTER, you know that the largest project, painting my room, was completed. However, it was far from an enjoyable experience. In the past, I have done all my painting by myself. I have seen many times on TV people having painting parties and having a great time. Well, all I experienced was tension, frustration, and disappointment.

Every other time I've completed a project I would end up feeling proud and satisfied. This time, all I can see are all the places where it needs a second (or even a first!) coat.

Even though it was my project and in my apartment it was impossible to get it done my way. No matter how many rooms or pieces of furniture I have painted in the past, apparently, I still know nothing about painting. Arghhhh!

Would it have been as difficult with a friend? I hope not! I don't know about asking any of them to do something for me anytime soon but if I were in their homes I would make sure to do it the way they want and to at least respect their wishes.

This was really upsetting, since my relationship with my father; which was practically nonexistent in my childhood; has only become better and richer as the years go on. In fact, recently we have had some great times, talking about almost anything. Experiencing this devaluation from him put me in shock. Somehow, something brought out a horrible competitive streak in us, and seeing himself, perhaps as the only adult, he had to be right and as the other adult in the room I needed to be heard.

It ended up great though because we were able to talk honestly about it and mutually decide that we will NEVER work on a project like this again, EVER!

Just art galleries, craft fairs, and music events for us from now on. Whew!

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