Friday, July 06, 2007

I Need New Shoes

I don't buy a lot of clothes or accessories at all, I haven't worn earrings for months, and I'm lucky if I remember to put on lipstick.

So when I ordered four pairs of shoes in two days, I didn't freak because...

1) at least one pair of those are going back, if not two.
2) I don't buy a lot of clothes or accessories (see above).

My original goal was to buy a pair of red retro-looking shoes to wear with my new dresses. I wanted a pair of shoes that expressed my style instead of shoes on sale that happen to also be cute. Even though I have no complaints comfort or style-wise, the majority of my past shoes have been from Payless. I just wanted a pair of shoes I loved first and were also thrifty last.


John Fluevog Lulu

This is the shoe that started it all. However, I can not see myself buying a shoe for this much ($139) money, especially if it can't be an everyday shoe. It also was only available in black and in black/white.

Updated: They are now $85!
Aerosoles Safety Jock

Aerosole is the only site offering this in the orange color and it is still full price at $72. So, I am waiting them out.

Berne Mev Point $30 (orig. $70)

This was the #1 choice. These would be all I needed if they had come in red. I vowed not to buy another pair of black shoes but this retro look is exactly what I wanted. I ordered two pairs of these, in European sizes 39 and 40. They were on sale from $70 to $30, so I didn't want to miss out if I picked the wrong size. One of them will be returned.
Keen Amsterdam $45 (orig. $85)

The company is known for extremely comfortable shoes and these look like great fun. By the way, do you notice that they are not black?
Ecco Vibration $50 (orig. $95)

These "have red on [them]", have a great Mod feel and are by a company known for well made comfortable shoes.
Merrell Relay Wire $60 (orig. $100)

The only reason I didn't order these is because I thought they might look too sporty. Now I'm not so sure they aren't cuter than the Keen ones. Hmmm...

Updated: Couldn't stop thinking about them, so I ordered them on Sunday. I also remembered that the most comfortable shoes I own are Merrell's from L.L. Bean so the Keen's will be going back when they arrive.
Hush Puppies Giulietta

I lost out on these when the brown ones were on sale at Piperlime and now I can only find them at full price for $73.

*Both deliveries will arrive Wednesday and Thursday of next week. I can't wait!


moggy said...

Hey there! Thanks muchly for the links to the Flea Market fabric - I tried to order it from because it was super cheap ($5.99) - being in Australia means we have to factor postage into everything, and postage from the US has just gone up, but our dollar is good - a few sums to be done there! I hope you do get that Vogue pattern next time they are cheap, it really is delightful! PS love the shoes, and how I wish Zappos shipped to Australia - but it is probably very good they don't.

Shay said...

IN RE SHOES: Land's End makes a nubuck slip on for under $30. And it comes in red.

I have a pair and can recommend them.

Villain Extraordinaire said...

Lurve those Berne Mevs! And you are right about the red. Mmmmmmmmm