Saturday, April 19, 2008

H & M Love

I quickly went to the mall today. I just wanted to look around, take a small scouting trip. I wanted to see what was out there so I could figure out how much money I could spend while buying just enough pieces that would make the ones I already own seem new and interesting.

I went into H&M and shockingly found myself in the dressing room with 14 items. This is amazing, I rarely find that many things I find even remotely interesting. In this case, I hadn't even finished looking around the store, it was just that my arms were getting tired.

H&M has stores here in the US but you can only shop online in six other countries. However, to see the merchandise I found that they seem to have the same merchandise in all of their stores. So here are pictures of what I'm tempted to buy. Note that the prices in the links do not convert to the prices I saw in the store so I provide the US prices below.

Simple striped tank, $6
Green Lycra long-sleeve T for $12
Red/Fuchsia color block top for $18
Linen 40's waisted wide-leg pants, $30
ballerina flats or purple crossover slides, $10
cute pajama set or nightdress, $15

There were other cute tops but I couldn't pick them out from the website. Their Marimekko collection was very cute too, loving the Minnie Mouse-like dotted skirt.

Which one's of these I end up buying I have no idea. Time (and $) will tell.

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drwende said...

GOODNESS, their online catalog is beautifully styled! Usually if a catalog is not my style, I give up in three screens... this one had me reading and reading, muttering, "What happy clothes!"

Spend wisely; this is really cool for someone like you who's young and stylish in the right way to wear it.