Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Place the Cydwoq On Your Feet

Note: Originally published at the 2Modern Design Talk blog.

Old-World Craftsmanship for Modern Feet is their motto. Cydwoq is the company name and it is pronounced "sidewalk." Designed by Rafi Balouzian and crafted by hand from quality leathers. The artist, not surprisingly, originally trained as an architect. That particular talent in spatial relationships, the ability to take flat shapes of cut leather, wrapping and interlocking them to become fully formed shoes is evident in his creations.

The shoes are artisan crafted from some extremely imaginative designs; therefore, it is only right that the price reflects all of that. These shoes range from $239 to $400 for boots. For some, these would be a great indulgence, an investment, or a personal award worthy of saving and sacrifice.

The men’s shoes are quite tempting; even though they are modern they would look incredible combined with a narrow three-button suit jacket and flat front trousers that break amid the top of each shoe. The women’s oxfords share design sensibilities with these designs and I can only imagine that they would inspire a strong, determined, and confident walk when worn.

If you cannot get yourself to their namesake Burbank, CA store, many retailers around the country carry their designs. This is a bonus, because a style may be on sale at one site because of a lack of interest (!?!) while still available at full price elsewhere.

Go on...treat yourself!

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