Friday, October 17, 2008

I bet my generation can outsource your generation...

I thought you might enjoy reading this very interesting post from Richmond blogger John Sarvay from Buttermilk & Molasses discussing the work of author Lynne Lancaster. Ms. Lancaster's book, What a Difference a Generation Makes!, studies the differences between the four generations currently in the American workplace:
  • Traditionalists = born prior to 1946

  • Baby Boomers = born 1946 - 1964

  • Generation X = born 1965 - 1981

  • Millenials = born after 1982


drwende said...

He is so on target. Great article!

Boomers find me frustrating because (as the good little Gen Xer I am), I'm skeptical about people's motivations.

I'm seeing (slowly) the phenomenon that the Gen X minority was raised to identify with the slightly older Boomers... and now that the Boomers are getting old enough not to wear cool clothes and have screwed up the world but good, we have no culture of our own... and the question of whether now we get our style from the Millenials (who are at least a hopeful, entertaining bunch) or what.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I am a bit skeptical about the millenials - that is what I am seeing in those younger than myself and I am already starting to say things like "when I was that age..." but I am apparently part of that group. I was raised on healthy competition and hard work, not the t-ball game he describes where nobody keeps score and everyone wins. I think he skewed that a little older than he should have.