Thursday, October 16, 2008

A "Victoria" Simple Country Wedding

Yes, you can have money and still want to throw a simple country wedding.

Homemade touches in your wedding does not mean "we don't have enough money to do what we want to do so we did this" This is what I realized when I came across this wedding in an old Victoria magazine that I picked up at that yard sale.

Though the bridal couple's wedding is full of homemade details, low cost decor, and local vendors this brides parents are (I feel pretty safe saying) well off.

the ballroom addition

I mean how many brides luck out that their parents decide to build a ballroom addition to their home in order to throw their annual galas just in time for their daughter's wedding? Well, they do if the brides parents are interior designer, Keith Irvine and design writer, Chippy Irvine.

The bridesmaid dresses, reminiscent of 1890 gowns and influenced by the movie version of Sense & Sensibility were handmade of sprigged cotton lawn. Inexpensive ballet slippers were dyed to match the summery pastels.

Purchased trim was attached to the simple embroidered bridal gown

Hand sewn tablecloths and napkins in a leaf and vine pattern
Locally made honey as favors

The first choice for cake topper was a store bought set, but instead the Mother-of-the-bride contributed this handmade pipe cleaner pair; which I think "makes" the cake.

Talk about DIY and being involved in every aspect; even the music during the ceremony was provided by a choir that included the mother of the bride!

Images and story: February 2002 Victoria magazine article, "Heart and Hand" written by the bride's mother, Chippy Irvine.

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