Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm gonna make myself a yellow dress...

this weekend. I've been thinking about it and it just has to happen now.

A few weeks ago I saw Lisa's dress that she made from a bedroom sheet and realized I had an unused bright yellow sheet I could use. I've already told Ms. Clarke but I think I'm also going to steal the pattern she used, Simplicity 3835. I've been wanting to make a few of those Built By Wendy dresses so that's what it's going to be and I'll have enough fabric that I might make another one of the tops so I can spread the yellow through some other outfits.

Dresses for inspiration; yellow and otherwise:

Yellow dress inspiration:

1. Mona Holly Spring 2009, 2. Mona Holly Spring 2009,
3. Lela Rose Spring 2009, 4. Coco Irene dress,
5. thandie dress, 6. APC plaid dress,
7. maximillian dress, 8. simplicity 3835, 9. built by me

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drwende said...

Years ago, my mother went through a phase of making dresses for me out of patterned sheets. Sheets are fabulous for the kind of crisp retro shirt dress where otherwise you'd be slaving over a hot ironing board, spray-starching the skirt, for days.

Stephanie said...

Yay! Do it, do it! Can't wait to see you on the other side of the weekend in your new yellow dress.

Antoinette said...

That is a cute pattern! You may have read the reviews on already, but just in case... the neckband on that specific view (C I think?) is said to run very, very high. I have sewn up the elastic neck version and the sleeves were snug, which is unusual for me... but you are also small-framed and probably have small arms so I bet this will not be a prob for you.

Can't wait to see! Nothing says spring like a yellow dress! :)

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I bought a green sheet from Ikea I keep wanting to turn into a dress. Yellow is so the color of the season! You'll have so much fun.