Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fashion In Film: The Audrey Project

In response to this, I did a Google search on "overskirt" to see if I could find any actual photographs of this type of cocktail dress. I was just about to add "cocktail" to my search when a story on the Larabee Garden Party dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina came up from a blog called Glass of Fashion. I am now trawling through the archives of this cool blog.

One of the sections of this blog is close to my heart, Project Audrey. This is the blog author's "mission to catalogue Audrey Hepburn’s film outfits via screenshots and other images". Cool, huh?

At this point, she's done Paris When It Sizzles and Sabrina! To view, click on the individual outfit photos for more detailed photo analysis. Her current project is my absolute favorite fashion movie, Funny Face! She only has one outfit up for that one but of course it's the best one...the wedding dress!

Hey, even Molly Ringwald copied the dress for her first wedding*!


*Her's was also the first wedding (in 1999!) where I saw wedding cupcakes. They were made by her mom.

Images: first two from Glass of Fashion, last from InStyle magazine, date unknown.

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