Thursday, August 06, 2009

What I Do Late At Night

Guess what I was doing until 4AM this morning?*

Sewing! I took that green dress apart and redid the bottom and the neckline binding after I saw how the purple one (pics coming soon!) came out. I'll write more about it later, but I hated that fabric! I was so intimidated by it that I cut it out weeks ago and left it in a pile. Unfortunately, I think that was the problem; the fabric stretched out. The purple was such a better (easier) sew and therefore; since the dresses were going to twins who are going to attend the same college I HAD to redo the first one.

Tonight when I get home, I'll put the elastic in the sleeves of the purple one, take a few pictures, and then go out to see my favorite local band, Tulsa Drone, a few blocks from my house at Gallery 5. I really like the fact that I can walk there and back, so this should be fun.

Then tomorrow I leaving from work to take the train to NVA and then Saturday morning drive up to New Jersey to attend the twin's big bash and meet the new family dog. Yes, they already picked up a new pound puppy for the family. He's a lab mix (I swear they bought him just for me) and his name is Canyon after the family's recent trip to Arizona. So expect lovely cuddly pics of our new family dog when I get back.

Take care!

*Now, yes I meant to work on it much earlier in th evening, but an after-work 30 minute nap accidently lasted until 11PM, so I basically worked the same amount of hours I would have worked earlier.


Antoinette said...

Naps! I remember those. Someday they will be mine again.....

etoilee8 said...

I need to take a sewing class. Your projects sound endlessly more productive than my own.