Friday, February 19, 2010

My First Fashion Scrapbook

I think I spoke about my fashion scrapbooks and clippings before. My favorite one is a black bound sketchbook that I pasted magazine clippings in until it wouldn't close anymore. These images probably range from 1986 to 1990 and are from the magazines I read back then, Vogue, Mirabella, and Harpers Bazaar. Enjoy!

I believe this is La Croix (Darling!) from an old issue of Mirabella magazine. Anyone remember that magazine? It was considered "the thinking woman's fashion magazine" before Marie Claire (U.S.) was created. Is this coat not the most incredible thing? The embroidered brocade, the chunky necklace, and the charmeuse pants... yum!

Then stylist Sydne Bolden from an issue of Vogue in the 1990's. I was influenced by everything she wore in this article. I even made myself a taffeta ballgown skirt; however, mine was lavender like Lisa Eisner's in another issue of Vogue.

I guess I should have made a copy of this Clements Ribeiro dress at least 15 years ago when I pasted this in my scrapbook. But I still want a camel colored sheaf dress like this. So, when?

From Vogue, and I always think this was a Romeo Gigli design, but I may be wrong. Anyone else remember?


Anonymous said...

That's great that you saved scrapbooks from the 80's-90's! What a time capsule. BUT - those pieces look as modern today as they did then. Proof that a classic piece won't go out of syle. You have a good eye!

ATG said...

That long jacket is beautiful.