Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Never Too Late, Right?

To finish an UFO?

Simplicity 8126

Took it from this to this!

Even though I've worn this item over 12 times AND it has been almost a year (June 2009!) since I posted its completion, it was never really finished. I never got around to putting the pockets which amazingly were the whole reason I wanted to make this skirt! I cut the first ones out as the pattern instructed; on the bias. That was a major mistake when you are making something out of stretch denim, the result was wavy and wiggly in the extreme. Then it took me a while to track down in my apartment if I had any scraps left over. But now after cutting the pockets on the straight grain I can finally call this item complete.

Because the sun was cooperating in my "photo studio"* I was able to take quite a few good pictures, there are more here on Flickr.

And now, I can tote me some stuff! POCKETS!!!

* the narrow alley in front of my bedroom closet doors.


MushyWear said...

Oh very cute skirt. I love your version. I just made one with a similar design, out of a rough linen, and I love the pockets. They come in handy, as long as you don't forget that you put something in there. Speaking from experience here :)

Antoinette said...

Adorable! Look at those pockets! So worth the wait. ;)

Julia said...

I love pockets!!! My friends and I have been talking about unfair it is that all of our men's clothing has pockets, but not all of ours!

saintpudalia said...

I love it (especially the pockets).

The Slapdash Sewist said...

The pockets are so fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am positively in love with this skirt. I need one for my closet.

melissa said...

Super cute, and SO wearable! This is a skirt you could just throw on in the morning without actually feeling "dressy". Love it (and the pockets)!