Monday, May 31, 2010

SATC (II), Not For Me

Jezebel writer Dodai, live-blogged a morning showing of the new Sex and the City movie in New York. Read it here. I wouldn't consider this a spoiler because there doesn't seem to be any real plot points or drama involved in the movie at all.

I had already decided that I was not going to pay to see this movie because the first one left a bad taste in my mouth. Unbelievably, this one sounds worse, in fact, it sounds offensive. Culturally insensitive both to the gay community and to Muslims. What were they thinking?!

For the clothes, well, I'll just wait for some fashion blog to analyze the fashion. Though, from what I've seen I'll probably only like the stuff worn in New York, the desert clothes look more like costumes.

Yes, I was/am a fan of the show but the movies are really bringing that legacy down.


Rose said...

I'm not planning paying full prices to see this movie, either. I'm having fun reading the reviews, though. My favorite review so far is below. ~ Rose in SV

Mikhaela said...

I am almost embarrassed that I enjoyed the show so much at this point--I've skipped both movies.