Friday, September 24, 2010

Makeunder: Louis Vuitton For Less

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010:

Variations on the theme

Yes, we've all seen (and drooled over) the Fall 2010 collection, all bustier tops, tweeds, and full skirts. However, I couldn't find any original reason to write about it on my blog. Well, not until last Saturday. On my monthly visit to Jo-Ann to look at the pattern books my eyes alighted on these two Vogue patterns deep in the Suits/Coordinates section.


Amazingly, these came out three years ago in 2007. So, for once Vogue was actually AHEAD of the trends this time!

They both share the same bra/corset top styling, sleevelessness and full skirts. While the fuller skirt of V2958 falls more like the Vuitton, the straps of V1042 are almost exactly like the inspiration dresses. To better emulate the Vuitton look, you could also create the shoulder straps or skirts in a different fabric than the bodice top. The jacket of V2958 also mimics the neckline of the jacket in the 2nd runway picture above.

For real-life inspiration, see Very Prairie's version of Vogue 2958.

Note: Just found out something else! The prints on the skirts and corsets that look like feather prints (seen above and left) actually are feathers. The fabric seems to be created from two layers; a backing fabric and a sheer outer layer quilted together and in the spaces between are feathers in various colors. That is something you can not see on a video or even in a magazine picture. But if you view the pictures at and click View The Details, you can see it all.
Now THAT is what couture is all about!

Images: and The McCall Pattern Company


Angela said...

Thanks for sharing the Louis Vuitton photos.. they're so inspirational and I have one of those patterns! I'll have to pull it out and check it out. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics for the patterns - it's amazing the gems you can uncover!
~ Alana said...

It is rare for Vogue to be ahead of the game, so kudos to the folks there. And you, too, for the real life link.