Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Madame Gres at Colette

Prepare yourself for a treat!
The fantastic and unique designs of Madame Alix Gres are examined at the Colette Patterns blog today. I hope you enjoy, as she is now one of my favorite designers.
Images: Turandot, 1967 and silk gown, 1984.


Yolanda said...

OMG! The "silky dress" is the shizzle!

I love a good drape! It's art and science all rolled into a neat package. And definitely a skill I never mastered in design school.

Yolanda said...

Well, they're all silk....I'm talking about the jersey one. The rest are nice too, but can you imagine that jersey slippin' and slidin' while you're trying to slash & pin that bodice?