Friday, August 05, 2011

Who Wears Dressy-Shorts?

Vogue 2883 Style 1902

Ok, I am waffling on the shorts pattern I was going to use. I have the fabric but I can't make the first cut. I want shorts that are full enough to also look like a skirt and I'm just not sure if the fabric or the pattern will get me where I want to be. Above are the sketches of the patterns that I currently have in contention.

Below are some inspiration pics I've picked up on the net.

Rachel Comey "Settler" shorts, ASOS shorts

The "Settler" shorts are nearly identical to the Vogue pattern illustration!

The kind of look I want!

Oh, and please don't refer to these as "skorts"! Skorts were deceptive by having a panel in front disguising the fact that they were really just shorts. I've lived through those when I was a kid and these will NOT be those!



lakaribane said...

This post gave me such a flashback!!!

Ages ago (12-15 yrs) I made some loose, dressy short from this Simplicity (?) pattern, IIRC, a navy and white wardrober, maybe 1988-1991.

Loved them to death!

Bloggers said...

I actually like them. They are very cute and stylish.

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I like 'em and would wear 'em if my thighs didn't rub causing them to bunch up between my legs. I say go for it.

Kyle said...

I like the picture of the last shorts--that one totally looks like a skirt!!

Cathe said...

I love the blue skirt and by no means is it a skort! Let's just leave that idea on the side of the road to fade away but this skirt is lovely, and yes I would make it and wear it all the time!

Antoinette said...

Those blue full shorts are really full, like 3/4 circle full! Cute, and very unique. Get cutting! Don't fall into analysis paralysis (as I often do, bc nothing gets done)!

the fabled needle (jen) said...

the shorts in the last photo are really cute. and i'm not really a "shorts person." would you wear these in cooler weather with tights?

patsijean said...

I had several pair of the "Settler" style shorts. I often made mine with matching, simple tops. Of course they were made in interesting prints. I wore them with tights and flats. Cute as a bug.