Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The State Of Things

Posting may be light for a while as I start my fall World Religions class AND try to get some sewing done!

As you can see from the button on the right I will be participating in the Colette Pattern's Fall Palette challenge. As I am still working on the same coordinates from last fall and this summer's wardrobe plans (which all go together color-wise), in a way you already know what I'll be doing but I will write up a new explanatory post on my color choices, pattern choices and why.

But for today I will show you a sweet little pattern I saw on the Web last week. It may not be identical to this coat exactly but if it was made up in chocolate brown corduroy I could still see it satisfying that wish.

McCall's 3617

Images: Millie Motts Flickr stream


Antoinette said...

World Religions - one of my fave classes EVER. Have a great semester!

lsaspacey said...

This is the second half, I took the first one years ago and World Religions and Global Ethics last Spring. I will now have three religion classes under my belt.

Lily said...

Ooooo I loooove a duffle coat. I'm going to make one also as soon as I can afford the fabric!