Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fashion In Film: Dark Water (2005)

Director: Walter Salles
Jennifer Connelly, Pete Postlethwaite, John C. Reilly
Costume Design: Michael Wilkinson

I fell in love with a brown corduroy coat this weekend. Behold


This is Jennifer Connelly's coat in the 2005 movie Dark Water. I got to see this coat over and over again because it was the character's only noteworthy wardrobe item; fall-colored crewneck sweaters and button-down shirts made up the rest. Even though the character is slowly growing crazy, that coat continued to look good throughout the whole thing.

The weird thing is, this type of coat is SO not my normal thing. I have never wanted a toggle coat before (sorry, Paddington!) and though my hooded raincoat has allowed me to forgo an umbrella 75% of the time, hoods are still not my thing. But this hooded coat for some reason had me reaching for a pencil and paper!

Maybe it's the ease of it, you can just throw it on and go. I would love to see this with a zip-in or snap-in thermal lining so it could go the distance even in colder weather.

I wish I could say better things about the movie, a remake of a Japanese horror film, but it was what it was. Oh, and it had, not one, but three actors from the UK playing Americans or another ethnicity. This is one of my biggest cinematic pet peeves. Tim Roth (a Brit) and Dougray Scott (a Scot) put on some bland US accents, and Pete Postlethwaite (a Brit), played a Russian or Hungarian immigrant with a big shady secret. So, yeah the film had three marks against it in my eyes from the start.

But that coat...oh that coat!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, what pattern could you make this with?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your comment about others trying to do US accents - you should try listening to North Americans do Australian accents!

Mary Nanna said...

We do share of love of corduroy - there are lots of duffle coats in Burda that would do the trick but I don't think you get the magazine, do you? You are giving me ideas though.