Monday, October 04, 2010

Whoa, Vogue Woman!

In my quest for more unusual and drapey and architecturally interesting patterns, I finally looked close to home. I happened to come across a design on the Vogue Patterns site that took me to the Vogue Woman section of the pattern book. Because of the "age-appropriatness" of the section I hadn't checked it out before. Well, I should have. Some of these designs were much more interesting than the conventional fare released in the past. Also, having just recently written about my Issey Miyake coat, I'm reexamining my love for drapey, comfortable clothes.

Check out some of these looks. I choose to show the illustrations accompanying the photos on the patterns because you can see more detail. The photographs are shown below.

Vogue 8605, Vogue 8435, Vogue 8525, Vogue 8588

Oh, and these pants have to be part of my wardrobe!

See, even the real clothes look great, though the styling now seems a bit older. That's why I went with the illustrations first.

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ATG said...

I like the slightly longer 8605...very nice.