Monday, December 12, 2011

Go See The Muppets!

Obviously, many people already have or it wouldn't have made $69,837,000 already! If you haven't gone yet, go now.

As I said (hah! get it?) earlier, I'm a Muppet fan from way back. In fact, my friend A. and I realized that at our age we're actually the original Muppet fans. So, go bask in waves of nostalgia as all of the songs and characters that you've loved over the years appear on screen.

Sweetums, Walter, Jason Segal, and Amy Adams

If you were ever a fan of the show, you are quaranteed to love this movie. The songs are clever (written by Bret McKensie, one half of the Flight of Conchords) the dance sequences fun, and the celebrity cameos numerous. And for the readers of my blog, Amy Adam's retro Smalltown-USA wardrobe is adorable. If you enjoyed the costumes of Pushing Up Daisies then you're gonna like this too. Expect another Fashion In Film post all about the clothes soon.

I would love to send you to Youtube to see clips but I think it's better if you go in with no expectations. However, I will embed one of their movie spoof trailers. Enjoy!

So go and enjoy an amazingly written (Thanks Jason Segal!) movie. Oh and if you have kids, you can take 'em. However, it's not required.

Images: Box Office Mojo


Debi said...

I can't wait to see this movie!!!!

patsijean said...

Loved the new Muppets movie!!!!
I am wishing, however, that we all could "travel by map".

ATG said...

Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh! :D