Thursday, December 08, 2011

Rounding the Bend...

Yes, those Pajama Game dresses were lovely but let's move on.

Did I ever tell you I was taking a class this semester? Well, I did and it's done now! Whew! I now officially have one more class (already signed up in) in the spring and I will be done. Yes, and I actually believe it this time. My only problem is the money to pay for it; I paid for this last class by installment, but I'm sure something will work out.*

So, no more school until January 17. However, there are two sewing projects (Pastille, Vogue duster) that I vowed HAVE TO BE DONE before the New Year and some dozen holiday gifts to be made. Luckily, I won't see some family members and friends until after the festivities so I have some extra time, but there are still at least five that need to be done in less than two weeks. Have I started? HECK NO!

This weekend will hopefully be a busy one with the sewing and a very much anticipated viewing of The Muppets movie!! I am not ashamed to admit that I own soundtracks to the original The Muppet Movie (1979)and the John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together (1979) TV special. Also, in the last few years I've developed a little bit of a crush on Pepe the King Prawn. Okay?

*Though some sales in my Etsy shop would certainly help. Hint, hint.

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ATG said...

That's cuz Pepe is the sexiest spokeshrimp ever! LOL.