Friday, March 02, 2012

Fashion In Film: Amber Holt's Emerging Taste

Parenthood (2010- )
Peter Krause, Lauren Graham
Costume Design: Diane Crooke, Laura Goldsmith

Who? Amber Holt, the confused old-before-her-time daughter on NBC's Parenthood, that is.

The character, played by the amazing, incandescent Mae Whitman, is dressing with style and has now worn two dresses that I desire.


The Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Fall 2011 dress that Rooney Mara wore while promoting The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The dress is a lovely, color-blocked frock with a flippy skirt, exposed shoulders, and a mock-turtle sleeveless yoke. LUV!

Obviously, the wardrobe department went for beauty over reality because there is no way that any of the Braverman family could afford that dress (orig. $800) or they lucked out on finding a knock-off. If so, Emelia Rivera, please tell me where you found the knock-off?!


Here's a link of to an NBC interview of Mae wearing THE dress.

This one took my breath away. I immediately recognized this dress because...I Have It In My Own Closet! Yes, it is unbelievable, but Amber's little black chiffon dress with a double row of cream lace flowers along a wide V-neckline is the same vintage dress that I own. See?

Undeniably, the same dress!

I bought mine back in 1989 at Halcyon in Richmond, VA when I was in college (the first time). This was my go-to dress for parties. I always felt great in this dress and it highlighted the teeny tiny 24-inch waist I had back then. Unfortunately, I can't get it past my upper thighs now but I can't see giving it away. The memories are too good.


Here's another item of clothing that Amber could not possibly own, unless she's racked up a lot of credit card debt off-screen. This top is a Lyell creation from their Fall 2008 collection and thankfully, NBC decided to line this top, unlike the runway version.

All of these outfits make a statement about the character and the growth she experienced throughout season three. Now that Amber has a job that she loves (and may also be IN love) her clothing is stylish and more defined. Hopefully, there will be a fourth season for this show because just imagine what she might wear then?

Images: NBC (2), Red Carpet Fashion Awards (2), NBC, my own photos (2), NBC, WWD (3)

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Audrey said...

How incredible is it that you would already own a dress worn by a character whose style you love. It sure is a unique and pretty dress. I often notice a garment worn by a TV character and know the price is not in line with the characters’ job/income. But I enjoy looking at the clothes they wear.