Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Pro-cras-ti-na-tion is makin' me late...*

Okay, I have a problem and I need help. I can not stop starting additional projects instead of finishing that darn Alexander Henry shift dress.

As of today:
  • I sewed up a muslin of the French Advantages magazine top. The bodice was fine but the sleeve armscye was a mess and the sleeves far too tight.
  • I have cut out both sheer tops in Vogue 9772.
  • Made another wood bead necklace, this time much larger and with two-tiers (photo is forthcoming)
  • I have prepared this free underwear pattern and selected options from my knit scraps.
  • I am tempted to start on my eyelet version of the Scout Tee.
Oh, and before I even started on the dress I had already cut out the bengaline for the Vogue pants! But then the weather got to warm for polyester trousers.

I'm procrastinating on the dress because I have to add a panel of a different fabric to the bottom to make an appropriate length. The A. Henry fabric does not wrinkle easily but the red challis I found for the panel does. I'm also scared about cutting the hem evenly across. I want to double up the challis and use the fold as the bottom of the dress, more like a facing so the base dress really has to be even. Attaching the challis that way will give the challis a bit more body and make it similar to the drape of the cotton print.

So, you can imagine, my living room is a disaster. I need to start ticking off these projects. This weekend is my first in a long time that is two days in a row because I don't work this Sunday. I hope to get some stuff accomplished. Wish me luck.

*Credit to Carly Simon.

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Juliet said...

Wishing you luck! I have a similar problem, a nearly finished jacket and dress and I just dither about. Shame on me, even my summer spark dress had a month and I haven't finished it!