Monday, July 30, 2012

My Sewing Library UPDATED

Almost three years ago, I wrote a post listing all the sewing books that I had at the time. Since then, I have accumulated a few more including some quilting books too.

Posts about some of my other book additions are herehere, and here. In addition, I didn't write about receiving the Colette Sewing Handbook as a birthday present.

Today, I'm writing about the last three garment sewing books that have joined my collection:

Vogue Sewing Book, 1982 edition - My sister bought this for me from a library book sale. It's not as cute and kitschy as other sewing books from the other pattern companies, but it is very comprehensive. I recently used their instructions to create a blanket-stitched thread loop to corral a button on the back of a blouse.

The Perfect Fit: The Classic Guide To Altering Patterns, 2005 (Also published earlier as The Perfect Fit, 1987, as part of the Singer Reference Library*) - This book is very comprehensive and easy to understand with clear pictures and explanations. You may have heard of this book, it is highly recommended by many sewing bloggers. However, when I tried to find my own copy I found it difficult to track down which one they were talking about.

So, in order that you won't have to go through what I did: the book was published twice, once as part of the Singer Reference Library series of sewing instruction books and again separately on its own with no reference to Singer. However, it is the same exact book (see below), they even share the same cover image.

Sewing Pants That Fit, 1989, part of the Singer Reference Library - This one was a bonus when it was advertised on for only .99 cents! I had only meant to buy the book above but how could I resist one specifically on pants, especially since I have FIVE pairs of pants on my To Do sewing list.

Hopefully, I can keep this "sewing book problem" down a bit. I still want the English language versions of all three Drape Drape books but I could settle for access to them through a loan or a library. I have not found a store that carries them. Basically, I would just like to riffle though the actual books myself. Tempted to see if my part-time job would special order them as they have carried a few other Japanese sewing books: Cut-Up Couture, Shape Shape, I Am Cute Dresses, and Simple Modern Sewing.

UPDATE: Just found another printing of The Perfect Fit with a new updated cover, but it still has the same old photos. Basically, if the sewing book is called "The Perfect Fit", it is probably this same book.  

*The Singer Sewing Reference Library - I already own one book from this series of hardcover books so I already knew how clear and concise the instructions would be. I highly recommend this series.


alethia said...

Your sister got three great books. I have all three books and i love the vogue sewing book, it is my go to book when I have a sewing issue

Summer Flies said...

I had the Vogue Sewing Book and I had to give it up when I moved overseas for a year and had to rent my house. I wish I still had it... probably same year! I'd love to find some of those Singer books.

lsaspacey said...

Summer Flies, those Singer books are easy to find on ebay, etsy, and where I got mine. I got both of mine for $.99 each(!) so ignore more expensive prices.