Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall/Winter Wardrobe: A Fantasy, Perhaps?

Yeah, a fantasy. I just realized that I can't fantasize about any other items of clothing because I still have all of these projects (most with fabric in my stash) lined up. However, look, I added those ones on the bottom row. They were put on there because of some new fabrics at Joanns that they would look great in and I have been wanting those Marcy Tilton pants in a nice ponte forever. There's even a great stretch sateen print for another pair of cigarette pants. Of course, there can't be another pair if I still haven't tackled the first pair, right?

My new resolution is not to say I can't buy any more fabric ('cause that's ridiculous, right?!) but that if I do, then that item has to be made immediately, no delays, no waiting in the stash. The new fabric will be brought home, washed, pressed, lain out, and cut, and sewn in quick succession.

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Let's see if I can follow through on that pledge, it's been getting harder and harder every day.

This past weekend, a friend and I checked out local ritzy clothing store The Phoenix and I tried on a few of their more experimental pieces, from Ronen Chen and Just Jill. These pieces had unusual seam lines, asymmetry, and unexpected volume, very similar to the designs by Mizono, Marcy Tilton, and Sandra Betzina in Vogue Patterns. Now I'm tempted to try some of those but that would require purchasing some double knits in colors other than black. So who knows when I'll ever make them up but at the next Vogue pattern sale, I'm still going to pick up Vogue 1234 and Vogue 1312 just in case.

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