Tuesday, April 09, 2013

In Comes April...

An update:

I have a few projects I'm working on but this weather is messing with my progress. Trying to finish two colder weather items and now it's going to be in the 80s this week, so I feel I should jump start more of my spring/summer things. I'm also altering some older items that I no longer feel fit that great. Hopefully, I'll have some things to show you soon, but I won't rush. However, I do have another "blast from my past" dress to show you and a post on one of my favorite store bought purchases that unfortunately, may not fit (literally!) in my wardrobe anymore. : (

So, I do know I will have a completed April garment to show but if I will have more...well, I just don't know. There's a simple spring top I could whip up quick but I think I should try to finish this cold weather project first. You see, every day last week I was regretting that I couldn't just grab it and put it on and now it's so hot I can't even stand to look at it. But this is Virginia, next week will probably be scarf and glove weather again...so sew I go.

Hope you can enjoy the weather where you are!

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Dorothy DotDot said...

It's good that you take your time and complete your projects. I'll be afraid that it would end up in a piled high box of WIP's.