Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Update on My Bloglovin' Havin' Self

Well, I will still miss Google Reader, just like I missed Bloglines before. However, I must say I’ve become used to bloglovin’ pretty quickly. I don’t feel that anything is missing because I never asked much from Google Reader. I want to see any new feeds and be able to read them one after another easily, that's all.  
Google Reader

Well, I get that with bloglovin’ and more, now I can cycle through my website feeds not as simple text/picture excerpts but as full pages with the authors blog design, headers, and all (see below).You click on the first entry on the main page and it opens up in a separate window. There appears on top, toggle switches that take you to the next blog feed or back to the last one you read. There is also a handy counter next to those that let you know where you are in the unread posts queue.

So I’m happy…well, until someone decides to take my new reader away from me, which unfortunately, is always a possibility. I just hope we get a chance to save it next time.

Here’s a question for those who have been on the Bloglovin’ for some time: On the main page, even before you log in, it seems they have picked blogs that I might be interested in, unless everyone else sees fashion and beauty blogs too? Is there a way to have them focus on other types of sites? I love suggestions and fashion but those blogs aren’t really me, I’m more into reuse and making my own rather than buying in mass. I feel that if they can target us this way then there must be some way to alter the criteria, or as Don and Peggy would say, “If you don’t like what they’re [showing], change the conversation.”


Gail said...

I got the idea that those posts were example posts, not necessarily targeted to my interests - the ones I saw were also mostly fashion and lifestyle. Now I'm not sure though!

lsaspacey said...

My thought was, if everyone sees that wouldn't that be a bit offputting to people not interested in those things, like men?

Anne At Large said...

In the upper lefthand part of the posts column there should be two buttons, on mine one says All Categories, and the other says Everywhere - you should be able to refine by topic and country.