Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4.30.14 - Satorial Update

I have to substitute another wardrobe visual because I went off track, added an item, and finished said item before anything I had planned to complete from the original plan.

So this:

became this:
I had fabric leftover from Simplicity 5289 and when faced with frustration in the construction of that dress, I decided to move on to the much easier and faster New Look 6977 skirt. The skirt is done but photos will have to come later because it will not stop raining here!

I also ended up buying a pants pattern, New Look 6216, for a fast and simple solution to my I-have-no-casual-pants dilemma. However, I have no appropriate fabric right now, but I wanted to add it to the diagram so there would be no surprise when the pattern review does show up. I have that red stretch poplin which is thin and pliable enough for a semi-fitted shirt but don't know how it would work in gathered pants. I'm thinking of combining those last two pants patterns. Vogue 1992 is sizes too small, the front crotch looks too long, and it has no pockets but I want to use the fact that the front waistband is flat and only the back is gathered. Luckily, I picked up my IKEA MÅLA paper roll* from my sister's house so I can trace and play around with the pattern pieces.

The Simplicity 5289 dress is nearing the finish line. Numerous pattern alterations had to be done to this 42-year old pattern (!!!) some major and now I am working on changing the neckline. I was getting a very "1940s prison matron" feel from the dress; all that was needed was to add some sensible shoes.

The muslin for New Look 6145 has not worked out. It didn't look that bad straight on but my arm movement was limited while there was too much fabric around the neckline. I think I will pull out Cal Patch's Design-It-Yourself Clothes book and make myself a simple dart-free bodice, compare it the slouchier Scout pattern, and work from there.

So basically, what this post shows me is there is no such thing as easy and fast sewing when I am involved. Oh, well...

*18.5 inches by 98 feet (30 m) of paper for only $5.00!

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Denise said...

Gotta plan like this. Go to the head of the class, woman!