Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Working Slow But Steady...

Hey, sorry I don't have any real sewing content for you. My work schedule is no longer as conducive to all-day cutting and sewing as unemployment was. Ha!

Here is what I've been up to lately:

Cut into my turquoise denim for my first "proper" Grainline Moss. Hopefully, will do some stitching later today.

Binge watched episodes of the In-BetweenersRev., and more ManStrokeWoman on Hulu for free.

I rediscovered a favorite 'knock-around' dress from the Gap in storage and will be making it into a pattern so I can copy it. It's a simple sleeveless, almost racer-back, A-line polka dot dress that I wore all the time. Because of the triangle shape it still generally fits but is a bit tight in the bust.

I treated myself to the Grainline Maritime shorts pattern with my first paycheck! I wanted to get it before the price goes up when the new Grainline shop is launched. Thanks Jen for giving us a heads up on the upcoming price change!

Sadly, I had to buy two navy blue t-shirts for work. Yup, I bought fast-fashion. These two shirts from Old Navy for a total of $8 were a lot cheaper (and less time-consuming) than making my own when interlock from JoAnn or Hancock was $8 a yard without a coupon.

Tomorrow, I will be driving to Kitty Hawk, NC to spend a day at the beach. I'm not really a beach girl but getting away, seeing friends, and maybe I'll find a cool fabric store along the way. Anyone have a suggestion?

Have a great holiday weekend and when I return I'll give you a post on an ongoing project for fall (related to that last Mad Men post) and an inventory of all my PDF patterns. Most of them were free so it will be an opportunity for all of you to enlarge your pattern stashes too. We all need that, right?


Ripple Dandelion said...

No need to be productive on all fronts all the time! Settling in to a new job would certainly take up all my energy and then some. The turquoise Moss sounds great when you get around to it. Happy holiday!

Mugsy's in Stitches said...

Terrific to hear - and I agree, settling into a new job can be quite time-consuming, especially as one wants to make a good impression and start building up a good reputation :)
As far as the fast fashion - don't stress over it - you know what to look for on the tags so I'm quite sure you purchased as "friendly" as you could - besides, material can be rather expensive, moreso than "fast fashion" can be when you're in a pinch. Heck, I'm guilty of recently purchasing a "maxi-skirt" at Winners here in Canada as the material I wanted was too much (to make one of my own, that is).
May you totally enjoy your vacation - hmmm, I wonder if there's a Joanne's (mis-spelled?) in the area...?