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Fashion in Film: Laurel Healy Is BrainDead (2016)

Creators: Michelle and Robert King
Actors: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Tony Shalhoub, Aaron Tveit, Danny Pino,
Music: David Buckley
Costume Design: Daniel Lawson, David Brooks

Courtesy of CBS

Laurel Healy is the main character of CBS's BrainDead, a new show from the creators of The Good Wife. Played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (PBS' Mercy Street, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) Laurel is currently my work wardrobe inspiration. Her clothes are sharp, professional, and comfortable, usually sleek skirts with eye catching tops and either a patterned blazer or an attractive all-purpose coat. Her color palette consists of shades of black, white, blue (from navy to cornflower) and neutral earth tones. It may be a simple palette but she shakes it up with graphic patterns, textured fabric, and interesting embellishments.

I tried to get this out ASAP so that you could check BrainDead out Sunday at 10 before the season ends but you can still stream it at

 Work separates:

Love this wine-colored sweater tunic worn in episode 3, especially the nubby texture and the slightly too-long sleeves.

Yes, please! I want episode 5's wine colored soft leather jacket with patterned silky shirt and stretch woven green pencil skirt. I believe she even wore this one with knee high boots. Love that huge gold belt buckle.

This one, also from episode 5, I think of as a "poor boy" sweater, because it looks as if it was made up of remnants of various other sweaters.

This chunky graphic sweater in episode 9 is so sweet with the rolled collar and the wide black cuffs.

Both of these are from episode 12, which hasn't aired yet! It is more of that color blocking of sweater knits and I want it for my own!

Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Love this Akris Punto jacket worn in episode 4. I can totally understand why this designer has shown up both on this show and The Good Wife, just look at all this!

Unfortunately, I could find no information on this jacket from episode 10 anywhere. But just look at that texture and pattern!

More texture courtesy of Oscar de la Renta in episode 7 and this one is worn with a unique white blouse that shows that the blouse underneath doesn't have to be plain and let the patterned jacket shine; both pieces can be "statements."

Laurel owns at least five overcoats, primarily trenches that are decidedly distinctive from each other; a typical khaki, a subtle grey plaid, a plain pale pink, a cornflower blue one, and the most noticeable one from the first episode, a graphic leopard print with bias bound seams visible on the coat's exterior.

Photo: Macall Polay/CBS

After work:

A earth tone and black dress combination; however, the shade of the background fabric on this Alexander McQueen dress in episode 6 gives the impression of nudity from a distance. Pretty sly with the subliminal messaging on a date with your crush, Laurel!

(Photo: Michael Parmelee/CBS)

This dress worn in the first episode is also in shades of earth and black but it's definitely not boring or staid, is it? I love the floral applique with the black border and how the shape of the flowers dictate the shape of the sleeves.

Oh, and how about her sexy midnight blue velvet dress from the Tax Ball, a low cut front and back!

Here's an article on the show's style in The Observer from Emma Frazier of the blog, TV Ate My Wardrobe, another blog you should read.

This post would not be possible without the work of the great website WornOnTV. Clicking on most of the clothing photos should take you to the corresponding page on WOT that gives specific info on that item. They don't have everything, but I've also tried to track down details on the outfits pictured above. You must check out their site!

Credit: All images courtesy of CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images if not specifically noted above.

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