Monday, September 26, 2016

Yup, It's Another Bloody* Sewing Plan!

Okay, I've decided, I need to publish this before I change my mind again. I created those first two sewing plans a month ago, and either because of fabric shortage or unsuitability, I've already had to eliminate two projects and may have lost love for two others. Note: I am not allowing myself to buy any additional fabric, so I must already have what I need for the project or not. Notion purchases are allowed though.

So this is what's going on at the moment:

  • Grainline Studio Scout: A matching top for this skirt but it isn't the right shape.
  • Seamster Yellow Tail Camisole: I didn't have enough fabric to make this top.
  • New Look 6977: No more short sleeve tops.
  • Butterick 5429: A TNT top made with winter white ponte. DONE
  • New Look 6216: Only pair of shorts sewn this summer. DONE
  • New Look 6216: Made a navy and gray stripe t-shirt dress. DONE
  • McCall's 7381: Still debating on this one. I'm leery about all that fullness in the bodice?
  • Simplicity 5289: My ponte raglan dress needs a neckband, hem, and topstitching. DONE
  • New Look 6859: Planned in 2010, I need to cut another muslin, the last one was in 2011. DONE
  • Grainline Studio Morris: Scared to mess this up but need this now!
  • McCall's 7254: This new pattern will hopefully motivate me to work on the other jackets. DONE
  • Simplicity 1283: The ponte for this skirt was not thick enough and needs new lining.
  • Built By Wendy Sew U pants: Considerable alteration work needed because I don't want them to be low-riders and I am now larger than the largest size in the book.
  • Vogue 1411: I will make a muslin before I cut into the gray ponte.
  • Style Arc Barb's Stretch Pants: Already made a muslin but they were too tight. DONE
  • Style Arc Ebony: Will be made in 2017 for summer.
*I've been streaming a lot of British sitcoms lately, like Siblings, Crashing, and My Mad Fat Diary!


    SewCraftyChemist said...

    I adore reading sewing plans....ahhhh! :)

    I really like your plans. Those SA pants look really cool. I also love that raglan dress.

    As an idea for your Simplicity skirt to replace the Scout, what about Butterick 6183? I feel like it will sit so nicely atop that wrap skirt. The silhouette isn't as straightforward as the Scout though, but it's a nice pattern that is widely reviewed and well liked!

    Diane said...

    I too love sewing plans but I rarely keep to them.

    I have a sewing student that made the McCall's 7254 jacket and it turned out great! I don't want to miss that one this fall. I'm excited to see the Barb pants. I've yet to make a simple pant like that but I'd love to have a great fitting pattern I can just whip up. For sure I'd make a dark red pair for winter. Happy sewing!

    Anya said...

    I love your sewing plan! It's very manageable and doable. I am also very inspired by you not buying any more fabric. I really am thinking of implementing something similar very soon. Lovely plan! Good luck!